Tenth Presbyterian Church

Philadelphia, PA

Berzinsky Architects has completed several projects for Tenth Presbyterian Church. Previously, we worked on interior design of the church, consisting of all offices, design of a Memorial dedicated to the late Dr. James Montgomery Boice, and Fellowship Hall renovations (including custom designed carpet patterns referencing stencil patterns found in the main sanctuary). We have worked as a consultant for the exterior work of grilles, millwork, gates and lights. The remotely located nursery was reinvisioned. Most recently, we designed the new C. Everett Koop Memorial organ along with renovations to the choir-loft itself. Underway, presently, Berzinsky Architects are in the construction phase of the Sanctuary Flooring project. BA was able to work closely with the Sanctuary Flooring Committee and the church’s Design Review Committee to design a flooring treatment comprised of limestone, marble mosaics, and wool custom carpeting that would enhance the acoustics for congregational singing, honor the historic interior, and provide a design that will take this Center City Church through the 21st century. Soli deo Gloria!

Interior Design


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